Vicon BW 2400

Encintadora de rotación de mesa para pacas de hasta 1.200 kg

Encintadora de rotación de mesa

La encintadora Vicon BW 2400 es una máquina arrastrada diseñada para ser utilizada con tractores de baja potencia. De fácil operación, todos los modelos cuentan con contador de vueltas de plástico y corte automático. La horca hidráulica a la derecha de la mesa puede cargar pacas desde 1.20 m hasta 1.50 m de diámetro.

Las ventajas:

  • Encintadora arrastrada de rotación de mesa.
  • Horca de carga.
  • Cortador de plástico tipo resorte.
  • Capaz de manejar pacas de hasta 1.200 kg.
  • Vicon BW2400M: Manejo mediante levas. Contador de vueltas de la mesa y paro automático.
  • Vicon BW2400J: “Joystick” de control con funcionamiento semi-automático.

Características Técnicas:

  Máx. tamaño paca Máx. peso paca Sistema control
BW2400M 1.20 x 1.50 m 1.200 kg Levas (M)
BW2400J 1.20 x 1.50 m 1.200 kg Joystick (J)

Corte de film

  • En los modelos BW 2100, BW 2400 y BW 2600 un cortador de plástico operado hidráulicamente corta el film y lo sujeta para  hydraulically operated film cutter cuts and holds the film in position ready to wrap the next bale.
  • An easy to use solution without the need to manually control the operation.

Feature DuoWrap

The DuoWrap sees twin film dispensers integrated into the Vicon BW 2100, BW 2400 and BW 2600 mounted and trailed turntable wrappers. DuoWrap gives up to 50% faster wrapping compared to single film models, whilst also reducing the risk of film breaking during wrapping. Utilising a 66% overlap of the two films as they are applied to the bale, DuoWrap ensures even coverage without excessive wrinkling of the film.

Turntable Principle

  • Two large diameter rollers, both of which are driven, ensure bale rotation even in the most difficult conditions.
  • Four endless belts carry and rotate the bale evenly during wrapping with no risk of film damage.
  • The two large diameter conical side support rollers ensure that the bale is kept in a central position on the rotating table during wrapping operation.

Low Profile Design

  • The Vicon BW 2400 and BW 2600 are designed with a low table height and wheels located at the very rear of the machine.
  • The position of rear wheels ensures a low table height provide low loading and unloading height.
  • The low slung chassis combined with a short lifting height, provides fast transfer of the bale from arm to turntable.
  • 1) The low mounted table design allows higher rotation speed an.
  • 2) The short lifting height provides fast transfer of bale from arm to turntable.
  • 3) It ensures vast and gentle on-the-move unloading with no need for a fall damper.

Clever Transport Solution

  • The clever design of the frame with its extendable wheel arm on the right hand side allows an increase in track width on the field for maximum stability during loading of bales.
  • This allows bales up to 1 ton to be loaded without any counter weights on the machine.
  • For narrow transport width, the right hand wheel is turned to the inside of the support arm.

Control Options

Computer Control (C)

  • The computer controlled Model C turns the wrapper into a fully automatic machine offering either a fully automatic operation or a choice of manual override or function by function operation.
  • Choose for example that you want the bale to wrap automatically off. One operator does the entire process of loading, wrapping and stacking when loaded, but remain on the wrapping
  • table until you confirm that you want to offload.

Remote Control (R)

  • An advanced remote controlled version is available as an option (standard on BW2100 C). Place the bale on the wrapper, press one key on the remote control, and the wrapping process starts.
  • The previously wrapped bale is stacked and the next one picked up while the machine continues wrapping.
  • Press another key when wrapping is completed and the bale is tipped off. One operator does the entire process of loading, wrapping and stacking.

Joystick Control (J)

  • The semi-automatic Joystick model has a handy electric joystick combined with a control box which is showing you the operations running at any time.
  • Functions like bale and wrap counter and automatic table stop when reach ing pre-set number of table revolutions are included as standard.

Mechanical Cable Control (M)

  • The manual versions (M) are controlled with manual cable control with levers.
  • A wrap and bale counter is fitted for easier control of film layers, as well as number of bales wrapped.
  • An automatic table stop that is controlled by the wrap-and-bale counter is fitted as standard.
  • This converts the wrapper from manual to semi-automatic, as it allows the wrapping function to stop automatically at the set number of table revolutions.


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